Mandlakayise W. Dube

Apr 27 on Netflix

Sabelo Mgidi


The year is 1980, South Africa. Three young freedom fighters from the are en route on a sabotage mission to blow up the Watloo petrol depot as a sign of resistance to the apartheid government. Along the way they realise they’re being tailed and a hot pursuit ensues leading the trio into a bank in downtown Silverton. With 20 hostages inside, Calvin uses the cards he is dealt with and attempts the biggest political move in South African history. He demands the release of Nelson Mandela in exchange for the hostages and surrender.

Pambili Media


Pambilimedia as a creative agency of stories has conceptualized and embarked upon a conglomeration of narratives. Topping the list is The Legends of Freedom Series. The vision is to nourish the youth of its indigenous background and celebrate the victories this country has accomplished. The entities in partnership have identified a gap in the market; namely, the need for African entertainment based heritage content, a practice that is scarcely interrogated and applied in South Africa. Our interests are mainly in advancing Africa’s Heritage and Cultural History through media.


Globally the demand for content from Africa is increasing. Audiences worldwide want to know more about the myriad number of untold stories, a case study is Black Panther. The appetite for new generated content from the Continent is an excellent opportunity to express Africa in a Fresh New Lens on various formats. For Pambilimedia these are inclusive of online film and television. These formats utilize the current digital convergence. Therefore opening opportunities toward economic growth. More importantly, Legends of Freedom wishes to make heritage more commercially viable, and accessible to audiences. We have seen how Chinese heritage has become a phenomenon.

Presently African heritage has been not taken advantage of its rich potential. Inadvertently, this makes market entry points for broadcasting African content incongruent. We want to partner with NETFLIX and others to change that fallacy. Africa is undoubtedly the next and future frontier.

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